My gratitude

Because when society and market force us to ephemeralness and speed, I am thankful to young musicians who still today, despite all, find the time and the patience to discover their own Nature.

My ospitality

You are not stepping so much into a shop as in fact into a workshop, a place that most represents myself. As a result, your experience might be a traveller’s one, who stops to have a coffee or to eat some food that I have prepared carefully for you and then…on you way, you might also meet Venice!

My time for you

The direct discussion with musicians has been essential to me, above all with those who believed in me from the beginning. Thanks to such collaborations I could find my way. As a result, listening is a basic part of my work.

My Guarantee

Every single guitar is part of me and of my time; I will always take care of them as I will always take care of you.

My commitment

When I am working, I know that I am making for you an instrument that tries to sound like your idea of singing. To hear it play in your hands will be my privilege.

My reliability

Because since the beginning of my career, the guitar players that chose me, have trusted in my waiting list. Because my main advertisement channel has always been the word of mouth. Because my guitars are playing in Mexico, Japan, Belgium, France, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA, South Korea, Hungary, Peru. Because I keep on showing them out at Roma Expo Guitars. Because I know the privilege I have in doing this job, and this urges me to get your trust.

Contatti / Contacts

Sono disponibile per qualsiasi tipo di informazione sulla mia attività e le mie chitarre. Risponderò nel minor tempo possibile. Grazie / I'm available for any information regarding my activity and my guitars. I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks