The CONCERTO is the result of a research lasting about ten years. The direct debate with the musicians, indispensable guides of my work, pushed me to focus on the objective aspects of the instrument-guitar. The intonation, the sustain, the power, the balance and the variability of timbres. These are the characteristics that constitute the centre from which to build a professional and versatile musical instrument, suitable for the student but also for a concert player.

The “herringbone and circles” rosette is the one that has characterized me since the beginning of my career. Its dynamic and colours make it simple and dramatically contemporary.

Contatti / Contacts

Sono disponibile per qualsiasi tipo di informazione sulla mia attività e le mie chitarre. Risponderò nel minor tempo possibile. Grazie / I'm available for any information regarding my activity and my guitars. I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks